Care and Use: Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

Cleaning and care of steel vacuum flask need to happen in order to maintain the shine of the item, as well as keeps your tea, coffee or water free from any bacteria or germs. Un-cleaned flask can lead to unhygienic conditions that may further leads to health issues. Proper care and cleanliness is required, to ensure long term usage of the flask. In order to keep the flask fresh and clean, you need to bear a few things in mind. Try not to store the liquid in the flask for more than one day, especially milk based drinks, which carry the risk of fermentation, which can lead to a bad taste. If you forget to clean your flask right away, there are some things you can do to sterilize it and get rid of any debris in there.

Flask cleaning made easy!

The thin and portable, stainless Steel flasks are designed to be handy. This design is great for individuals who essentially have to carry it around, but can also make cleaning them a little more challenging and a tedious process. The tapered opening makes it pretty much difficult to get a rag or a squeegee inside, and cleaning the flask without the scrubber is even more difficult. Opportunely, you do not essentially have to use a brush to clean out your stainless steel vacuum flask, there are few other useful ways, that can keep your flask, very neat, clean and odor free, without the usage of any sort of harmful chemicals or liquids.

Keep it Clean

The acidic and healthy, white vinegar can be used as a cleaning  agent. Safe to use and just needs to be poured into the flask and shaken rigorously. The most important step is to rinse out your flask with water, properly. Leave your flask open for it to completely dry out as any white vinegar remains can destroy your drink. Also, hot water can be used to clean the stainless steel vacuum flask (, just pour this water into the flask carefully and avoid it touching your hands. Lemon juice on the other hand is very acidic and does a good job of cleaning out a dirty flask; just do the same as you would do with white vinegar. You do not want to leave any trace of lemon juice in there because it can ruin the taste of your drink.

Safety at its best!

You must be very careful, particularly while pouring hot liquids into and out of the glass lined flask, make sure that it is held properly and the lid is opened only a per the requirement. It is all the more important to make sure that you check the lid of the flask and ensure that it is properly closed, so as to avoid any spilling or leaking of hot contents. In the interests of well-being and sanitation, you must please see that your flask is cleaned with warm water and washing-up liquid prior to the initial use, make sure that you do not pour your drink into the flask right after you buy it!

Use it right!

To keep your drinks at the right temperature, before filling in the flask with the drinks, you can pre-fill it for a few minutes, using either hot water, to keep hot drinks, warm for a longer period of time or cold water, to keep the drinks absolutely chilled. Never be in a hurry to re-heat or heat the contents of the flask, by putting the flask itself into the microwave. There may be a time, when your flask would have been un-used for quite some time. In that case make sure, that you re-use your flask only after thoroughly cleaning it with warm water to avoid any dirt or odor. Overfilling the flask can also lead to leakage, you must leave adequate space in the neck to fit the lid. To prevent any sort of burning, you should always pour contents from the flask into a mug or glass, rather than drinking directly from the flask. Your stainless steel flask is designed to be very durable and extremely lightweight yet tremendously strong. If you take care of your flask, it may very well last for a very long span of time. Just follow the above mentioned few tips to help keep your flask fresh and clean.