The Victory of Vacuum Jug Over Plastic Jug

Vacuum jug is the latest in thing now. They are made of stainless steel and assure a spill free usage which makes it safe for storing and serving piping hot liquids as well. But, then again if there are traces of plastic in it, you can simply discard them without a second thought. When liquids come into contact with the plastic, the toxins from them get transferred and it tends to cause many medical issues when it enters the human body.

These jugs are characterised by their tall nature. The lid can be opened to pour the liquid inside it and then fastened securely. Now when you pour, it comes out without a drop of extra spill and the whole process is efficient yet completely effortless. These are an eco-friendly and a much healthier alternative to the commonly used plastic jugs in all places. Some believe that if the liquid is not hot, plastic jugs are a feasible choice. But that is definitely not the case. Anything that comes into contact with plastic is bound to contain traces of the harmful chemicals that the material releases in minute quantities, even if it is supposedly high grade plastic. There might not be any short term effects but when these accumulate inside the body over long periods of time, the results are disastrous and at times irreversible too.

There is one more angle- the cost factor. Yes, definitely plastics are way cheaper than vacuum jugs. But, plastic tends to break easily and of course, there is the unhealthy quotient. The flasks on the other hand come with the assurance of a long serving life. You do not have to worry about it breaking. The vacuum keeps hot liquids warm for a reasonable amount of time. It also preserves the temperature of cold liquids. This means you can enjoy a drink anytime that you want to instead of heating or cooling it every single time.

Adding to this, the long term benefits of china vacuum jug includes stainless steel body, double wall insulation for optimum use and effortless stopper for easy pouring. However the benefits can go long without any hassle but it is important to take good care of the flask. The most important step for effective care is to wash and rinse it well before and after each use. It should stay clean and odor-free all the time and that is possible only with effective cleaning using warm water. This will enhance its longevity and functionality as well.

If you are browsing for a good quality jug, the very first thing that you need to do is to read carefully, each and every feature of the jug and not just go by the highlighted points. It is in the finer details lies the whole essence. Like for example, a company might promise you a superior steel exterior and then in smaller font quote that the inside may contain traces of plastic. Well, there is your catch. If you had ignored reading that, then you would probably have bought it thinking that you were making a healthy choice, while in reality, you actually were not. Marketing is really tricky and if you do not verify properly, well, the loss seems to be yours. If you are buying online, please do take extra precautionary measures because sometimes the images and the actual products might not match.

Quality vacuum jugs are available almost everywhere. You just need to have your eyes open to see that. They can be used at home, in workplaces, for gatherings and outdoor picnics as well. Of course, they come in a variety of sizes and differing shapes, which means you get to pick according to the capacity that you will probably require.

People are becoming aware and are making the intelligent switch. There is a marked change as people are beginning to realize what they are doing to themselves and the environment. Be a part of that change, right now by getting yourself a premium vacuum jug. Just remember to keep all the tips in mind.